Richard Redwin 

Richard has been with our team since ..... the beginning!

He was commissioned to build the Reef and the fabric monster coming out of the washing machine - Dressed in Plastic.

Richard Redwin is a multidisciplinary artist who has been living and working in Stoke-on-Trent since he was marooned there in 2009 during a storm.


After completing his Creative Writing degree with Staffordshire University, Richard 'just sort of stuck around', despite being politely asked to leave several times. His continued presence makes everyone feel a bit awkward.

He has been known to assault mediums as diverse as comic illustration, mural painting, and spoken word, and has yet to be brought to justice for his many crimes against art.

He is also a founding member of Inkan Army Arts, (art collective and international powerhouse) and works regularly with B Arts presumably because he kept hanging around and they figured he may as well himself useful.

Rachel Ballard

Rachel Ballard was commissioned for the fish net - Captured.

Rachel is a textile artist, from an early age made things from fabric, transforming bits of cloth into pictures, toys and clothes for dolls.

Her recent work is inspired by nature, often including animals, insects, flowers and landscapes. These she creates using various textile techniques including patchwork, appliqué, machine embroidery, hand embroidery and painting.

She work straight from her imagination so pieces evolve as she intuitively makes them. She loves the sense of freedom this gives her as she adds new materials and uses techniques that she feels are right at the time.


Helena Shave

Helena was commissioned for the Plastic Spectrum and Fish.

Helena makes her artworks with beach plastics. She collects her materials where they have been washed up on UK beaches. The tide line is often a multi-coloured line of plastic materials from many countries and many sources: domestic, industrial, fishing, shipping, and litter. On even the cleanest beaches, with apparently no litter, Helena always finds some plastic washed ashore. She doesn’t cut the pieces up or change them at all; she uses them as they are, broken and worn by the sea.

Helena’s collages speak to the variety and persistence of plastics in the U.K.’s coastal environments and to the U.K.’s place in the global circulation of plastics in our oceans.

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Alou is a working title for artist Amy Louise Davis who takes into consideration the correlations between the urban environment, pattern and form. Being particularly interested in urban spaces and the throw-away society that we live in, amy seeks potential in offcut and waste material usually overlooked through the process of experimentation to create one-off playful textile sculptures and accessories.

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