Meet Our Team

We are academics, practitioners, curators

We are mothers, brothers, daughters

We are humans, animals, Earthlings

We are Hacking Plastic

We're a collective of environmentalists and makers who are curious about the best routes to transition to a low-plastics world. Based in Staffordshire, UK, we're seeking artists, academics, and inventors who've got great ideas about reducing, reusing, upcycling or otherwise hacking waste plastics.

Ceri Morgan

Ceri writes on encounters with landscape and how we represent the world on film.

David Thompson

David, a chemist and forensic scientist, messes about with 3D printing.

Deirdre McKay

Deirdre examines migration and the stuff migrants send back home that makes development happen.

Eva Giraud

Eva explores online activism, animal rights, and politics.


Greenie explores cultural experience of consumption and waste. She also runs this website.

Hilary Hughes

Hilary is an artist and environmentalist who pushes cultural change and development in local communities.

Richard Redwin

Richard is a multidisciplinary artist who likes to build things! He has been living and working in Stoke-on-Trent since he was marooned there in 2009 during a storm. 

Sharon George

Sharon is an entrepreneur, mum, chemist, and environmental champion!

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